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Gauge Design Japan – December 20, 2016

Check out our new Gauge Design website from Japan! www.gaugedesign.jp
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Check out these Hummers! – September 15, 2015

Check out these three difference types of Hummer 3: the Type 0, Type 1m and Type 2. Please email info@whitlamgolf.com with questions or interest in purchasing.

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Wedges?!! You DO need some stinkin’ wedges! – September 2, 2014

Check these babies out!  Our Tour, D Milled, forged wedge with conforming grooves milled to exact tolerances, milled face with a Black Oxide finish. Available in 52, 56, 58, 60°

IMG_6386 IMG_6393 IMG_6387

Check out our SPI-1 Jules FC! – August 15, 2014

This new FC (Full Cut) version features an innovative insert made from 6061 aluminum and the insert comes through a “full cut”, in the Jules’ case 2 cuts, where the sight line would normally be for a dramatic look that frames the ball at address. The Sole Plate Insert or SPI is designed to allow for more weight to be placed in the heel and toe sections of the putter. This enhanced weight distribution improves performance on off-center putts and maintains a solid feel at impact. Insert available in red or silver.

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SPI-1 Devon gets reviewed – July 24, 2014

Check it out, our SPI-1 Devon got reviewed over at Worldgolf.com, follow the link!

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SPI-1 Devon is ready to go! – May 19, 2014

The classic Gauge Golf Design Devon head style is now available with the company’s new patented sole insert. This innovative insert is made from 6061 aluminum, and is designed to allow for more weight to be placed in the heel and toe sections of the putter. This enhanced weight distribution improves performance on off-center putts and maintains a solid feel at impact.

The SPI-1 Devon Putter features a precision milled 303 stainless steel body in the heel, toe and face and a 6061 aluminum sole insert available in either red or black and comes standard with a 71-degree lie, 3.5-degree loft, and 350-gram head weight. It is available in lengths from 32″ – 36″.

multi1 multi2 DSCN2620

The G2 Big Dog is now available in the store! – February 7, 2014

It’s a big chunk of 303 Stainless Steel milled into a Big chunk of Dog! 365g headweight on this one. Steadies your nerves. Has your back. It’s had all its shots.
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Our New SPI-1 Joseph is now available! – February 6, 2014

Check this beauty out in the Collection today, they won’t last long.

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Concussions are no laughing matter. New golf helmets in! – January 20, 2014

blue1 DSCN2313 DSCN2314

KLPGA athlete Annie Choi got fitted with a Gauge in Oz! – January 15, 2014

Last week, KLPGA athlete Annie Choi visited our friends Zane Navie and Jack Gilbert at Cool Clubs Australia and got fitted with a Gauge GSS SoundSlot putter.

IMG_1237 IMG_1240 IMG_1244

Sue Kim & Rebecca Lee Bentham visit Gauge Design HQ – January 8, 2014

Gauge Design Golf athletes Sue Kim and Rebecca Lee Bentham were in the shop last week picking up some product and dialing in their putting strokes.  We also put them to work, stamping in the Lab!

Check our our Hex Mill Prototype – December 13, 2013

New for 2014 and in stock now is our followup to our popular Joseph head. New graphics, new GD milling on the face, and a new Hex hosel make for an exciting update!


Which lucky person on your gift list is getting a custom painted putter? – November 26, 2013

Gauge-Design-il-Tatto-3DSCN1486bCustomCherryb DSCN1795b 




Whitlam Golf Collaborates with KTI/Rick’s Golf & Lexus/Toyota Japan! – October 9, 2013For the past three years, Gauge Design Golf/Whitlam Golf has been collaborating with Lexus/Toyota Japan to design and manufacture a Whitlam/Lexus putter for inclusion in Lexus’ line of lifestyle products. The line includes speciallyforweb crafted products inspired by the car brand and by the Lexus philosophy, ‘authenticity to be treasured’ and features items produced by artisan craftsmen and designers. With their strict attention to design and milling detail making it a natural fit, Gauge Design Golf/Whitlam Golf is proud to have again been selected to manufacture this special edition putter.

Captain America reviewed!! – August 21, 2013

6272430Independent Golf Reviews took our Tour Issue GSS putter with the “Captain America” paint job out for a spin.  Check out what they have to say about it.  What paint scheme would you choose on this beauty?

Congratulations Sue Kim!! – June 18, 2013

13 06 kims trophy 620x349

Congratulations to Gauge Design Golf athlete @TheSueKim on winning the Decatur-Forsyth Classic, last weekend’s Symetra Tour event. Sue finished the weekend at 10 under! Way to go Sue!!

Classic Series 2013 in Black PVD – May 17, 2013classicThe Black PVD version of the Classic Series 2013 is here and ready for your paint ideas.  Here are some pictures of it as a blank canvas as well as some pictures of a new paint job (on a G2) for inspiration.columbus2  What paint job would you come up with?
Classic Series Redux – May 7, 2013classic

(Re)Introducing the Classic Series for 2013. We’ve modified our classic a bit but have maintained classic lines and feel in this re-visiting of one of our best sellers. Serialized 1-50 this won’t last long.

Introducing Il Tatto  – April 29, 2013


Il Tatto. The Touch. Tungsten weights inserted out on the toe and heel provide for a smooth swing and a large sweet spot. These are serialized 1-100.

Our Little Dog P Finishes in the Top Five! – April 11, 2013

mostwantedmalletThe Little Dog P w/plumber’s neck finished in the Top 5 of MyGolfSpy’s “Most Wanted Mallet Competition! Check the results!



Putterzone.com reviews our CU-1 Copper w/Insert – March 27, 2013


Sean, over at putterzone.com has put the CU-1 Copper w/Insert through it’s paces and lets you all know his thoughts.  Check it out!

Coming (back) Soon! The modified Classic Series for 2013! – March 19, 2013

cavity300 face300 top&cav300

Korean Pros in the office last week! – March 12, 2013

IMG_5216bIn the office last week, picking up a couple of putters, was One Asia Tour and Japan Golf Tour Player Ryu Hyun-woo and one of our Tour Instructors Chris Son. Ryu finished 7th in order of Merit on the One Asia Tour and 21st on the Japan Golf Tour.

We’re giving this putter away this week! – March 11, 2013



We call it Captain America, you could call it yours!  Go to our Facebook page, “like” us, and you’re entered!
To increase your chances of winning, share the opportunity with your friends and have them drop your name in a comment when they like us.  Each time a new like mentions your name, you get another virtual ticket in the virtual fishbowl for the virtual drawing.  Another chance to win a very real putter!

Entries must be made before close of business on Friday, March 15.  Drawing will be held next Monday.
Year of the Snake and Disco Tour are ready for you! – February 22, 2013

Gsnakesole600Our newest offerings for 2013 are ready to go.  First we’ve got the Collector’s Series Year of the Snake, available in Stainless, PVD Black, PVD Gold and Copper.

silverdiscoback300Next is our new flow-neck, the Disco Tour. Available in Stainless, PVD Black, and Copper.  Check them out in the Collection!



MyGolfSpy.com reviews our G2 Joseph! – February 6, 2013
Looking for an Anser answer? Look no further. Read the MyGolfSpy.com review of our G2 Joseph!








Our Cu-1 Previewed at The Hacker’s Paradise – February 4, 2013

Josh over at The Hacker’s Paradise is working on a review of our Cu-1 Copper mallet and has put up a preview of the review on the THP forum. Get over there and see what the buzz is about.  Feel free to add your impressions to the forum discussion, we love to hear what our players think of our products!

Coming Soon! The G2-Mill Disco Tour.  Jan. 29, 2013

cavityforwhatsnewsoleforwhatsnewback for PP

See our clubs at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show! Jan. 18, 2013

PGA_Merchandise_Show_Logo2If you’re going to the PGA show next week in Orlando, be sure to stop by Booth #1405.  Mitchell Golf will showcase our new Copper Series CU-1, Hummer III, The Dragon and The Cherry Blossom putters from our Collector Series as well as our G2 Mill putters from Gauge Design.

In addition, Mitchell Golf will have our sticks at the Demo Day on Wednesday, January 23rd so you can roll a few with us!  As if that’s not enough, on Thursday, our wedges will be upstairs helping demonstrate the new Mitchell Golf loft and lie machine, check ’em out!

Our Coppers get a “Review Preview” over at Putterzone.com! January 11, 2013

Check it out!  Review coming soon.

Korean Pros in for a new quiver of putting sticks!  January 10, 2013



CU-1 Devon Head coming soon! January 10, 2013

copper Devon-3

copper Devon-1 copper Devon-2

Cu Tee Pre-Order is on!  November 6, 2012

Come check out the new Cu Tee and order yours today!  This run is very limited and will go quickly.

Get yours and get 10% off in the process, but you must order prior to 11/12/12 to get the savings.

We’re selling Tour Demos and Lab Projects! October 31, 2012

This collection will be ever changing.  Check them out here!


Coming very soon!  Working on a copper head. – October 15, 2012

Little Dogs with Plumber’s Necks!  October 9, 2012

 A new batch of Headcovers in colors old and new!  October 3, 2012
Check ’em out on the accessories page!

Considering going retro…  July 27, 2012

WHITLAM/LEXUS – July 27, 2012

We have been working with Lexus Japan for the past two years on some putters that have been selling very well.  The production has consisted of the Devon, Big Dog, Hummer 2 for both Hino Trucks and Lexus.


CNC Milled face and milled grooves prove to be an excellent match of durability and feel.  Made from 303 SS these soft precision milled wedges are perfect for the amateur and tour player alike.

Available in only three lofts  52, 56 and 60 degree.

Check The Collection for more info and pictures!


A new hybrid breed of G2 Little Dog is the result of us leaving a Gauge G2 Mill and a Whitlam Little Dog in the lab unsupervised.  These puppies are ready to go to a loving home.  We can customize your paint to give each G2 Little Dog it’s own personality, so let’s see what you’ve got imagination-wise!

Check The Collection for more info and pictures!




We set some of these aside prior to anodizing, polished them up and painted them. This not-so-gentle-giant makes a great belly putter or standup/broomstick putter and is available in both center and double-bend heel shafted versions.
Check The Collection for more info and pictures!
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON? – January 16, 2012
The Year of The Dragon. These heads, pictured here with the embroidered cover, will be stunning when polished, plated, and painted, so stay tuned for more pictures! Heads are made from 303 Stainless Steel, available in black PVD or gold PVD finish, and will be ready very soon. Call to pre-order yours today!
HUMMER III – January, 2012
The Hummer III is here! This not-so-gentle-giant makes a great belly putter and is available in both center and heel shafted versions. Click here for more information and pictures!
CONGRATULATIONS!! – August 31, 2011
Congratulations to Stuart Anderson for winning the Canadian Tour Championship in a two-hole playoff! He was using our Gauge Design wedges, and drained the winning 25-foot putt with our Whitlam Golf Diamond Series putter! This is his second Tour Championship and fourth Canadian Tour win. Click here for the full story!
REPRODUCING RABBITS – July 13, 2011The Year of the Rabbit putters have multiplied! Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish. Comes with a matching black headcover. SOLD OUT!
BIG DOG REVISED – July 6, 2011The Big Dog is back and better than ever. These big boys still have heavy heads, weighing in at around 365 grams, but we’ve made some improvements in other areas. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish.
DIAMOND SERIES – July 6, 2011Welcome our new Diamond Series putters. The heads are milled out of stainless steel, with a headweight of approximately 350 grams. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish.SHOP ONLINE
LITTLE DOG – June 13, 2011Welcome our new Little Dog putter. The heads are milled out of carbon steel, with a headweight of approximately 360 grams. Available in a black PVD, simply satin, or a Gold PVD finish. GET ONE ONLINE!
GSS JOSEPH – May 3, 2011
Check out our new GSS (Joseph) putter. It’s our Joseph head shape, milled out of German Stainless Steel. Available in simply stainless or a Black PVD finish. Get one today in the online store!
W2-MILL PUTTER – March 28, 2011
Check out our new W2-Mill putter. Available in satin stainless or torched stainless. Beautiful brick pattern on the sole that pictures can’t do justice. Get one today in the online store!
YEAR OF THE RABBIT! – January 28, 2011
Limited edition Year of the Rabbit putter in a beautiful copper colored PVD finish. Comes with a matching cover. SOLD OUT!
CONGRATULATIONS! – December 15, 2010
Congratulations go out to Stuart “Disco Stu” Anderson for winning the NGA Hooters Tour’s BWS Event at Shingle Creek GC! He won by two strokes at -7 with a 137. He was using our new Joseph Flag Series Putter with the Canadian Flag on the sole.
JOSEPH FLAG SERIES – November 16, 2010
Like the Flag Series putters, but prefer a different shaped head? Now available: the Joseph Flag Series putter. Each putter comes with a stunning and soft white headcover. These putter are available in the online store.
FLAG SERIES – September 7, 2010
Check out the early pictures of our Flag Series putters. Each putter comes with a stunning and soft white headcover as pictured. These putter are available in the online store, and keep an eye out for more pictures.
BIG DOGS ABOUND! – September 1, 2010
This is one BIG DOGof a putter, with the head weighing in at 365 grams! Get one in our dark Black PVD finish or our lite Satin Nickel finish.
Our super limited custom paintfilled Tour Issueputters made out of German Stainless Steel. Pick your color, before it’s gone!
See which ones are still available in our ONLINE STORE.
Congratulations go out to Sophie Jang, for winning the Duramed Futures Tour’s Historic Brownsville Open April 25th! She was using our Jules putter! Click on the image for a link to her results.
Belated congratulations go out to Kim Bo Bae, for winning the KLPGA Lotte Mart Women’s Open on Jeju Island on April 16th! She was using our Jules putter as seen pictured on the right! Click on the images to see them larger.
IRON IT OUT – April 29, 2010
Our new W Tour Specification Irons are here! The new grooves conform to USGA rules.
You can find more information on the W Tourpage.Or buy a set in the online store.
SPECIAL GUESTS – April 27, 2010
We had some awesome golfers stop by last week. From left to right:
Jin Young Pak – LPGA,
Eun Jung Yi – LPGA,
Gyu Jin Choi (Instructor and Caddy),
Mon Kie An – KPGA
Click on the image to see it larger.
CONFORMation – January 4, 2010
We have received confirmation that our Whitlam Golf wedges conform to USGA standards!